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Lawrence Trent
The New Voice of Chess

Hello and welcome to my website! Here you’re able to find out all about me and what I do in the wonderful world of chess, if you didn’t know already.


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  • Welcome to My Website!

    07 January 2014 | Link


    Hello there and welcome to my new website! My name is Lawrence Trent and I’m a professional chess player, commentator, author and coach.

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Chess chat with a coupla cheeky chaps! International Master Lawrence Trent, Grandmaster Stephen Gordon, and host Macauley Peterson sound off on current events in the professional chess world.

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What They Say

Over the last few years, Lawrence established himself as the voice of live chess broadcasting. I have some experience in this line of work,and can testify first-hand how hard it is to balance being informative and entertaining, and keep the audience interested for hours on end.Lawrence carries it off with aplomb, and great flair. The fact that he is a very nice bloke as well is an added bonus.
Grandmaster Peter Svidler, 7-time Russian Champion
Lawrence is a natural commentator, he brings a great mix of excitement, humour and education to any event.
Grandmaster Mickey Adams, England Number 1
The silent symbolism of chess needs distinctive voices to bring the game's exquisite tension to life. Lawrence has that kind of voice; an engaging mixture of playful inquiry and serious fun.
Grandmaster Jonathan Rowson, Author & British chess champion 2004-6
Lawrence is a wonderful, fun guy to work with. It is always a great pleasure commentating with him.
Grandmaster Nigel Short, Former World Championship Finalist and England Number 2

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Lawrence Trent

Pretty heartbroken not to have got at least a draw today vs @HariChess completely lost the plot with f4 #anotheronebotched #sameoldstory
6 Feb 16 07:40 pm

Lawrence Trent

vamos el ninyo!! #c24live
3 Feb 16 02:20 pm

Lawrence Trent

RT @TarjeiJS : Spoke briefly with Caruana: "Yea, I guess @LawrenceTrentIM is pretty satisfied." #TataSteelChess
30 Jan 16 07:06 pm

Lawrence Trent

RT @JenShahade : Chess/poker trny @PokerStarsEPT Dublin, no need to know en passant to win! @LawrenceTrentIM europeanpokertour.com/tournaments/du… https:/…
28 Jan 16 08:33 pm

Lawrence Trent

Watching some real chess culture on the @chess24com android app Tata Steel Round 6 with the entertaining @GMJanGustafsson and @polborta
22 Jan 16 12:38 pm

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At the World Cup 2013. Photo: Anastasia Karlovich.
Big Slick 2013. Photo: Ray Morris-Hill.
Playing the late GM Tony Miles
Playing the late GM Tony Miles

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